Fire Lips

I’m so behind on everything at the moment, it’s just small stuff that needs to be done, but a lot of them. But I’m stuck in Poland, with bad internet connection and bad vegetarian food. I planned to get a lot of stuff done here, but I’m more busy with work than I thought, on average around 14 hour days... 


This is the tropical stack of glitters from In Your Dreams

Pastels from Lord and Berry

It’s Lord and Berry’s 20th anniversary and they are clebrating with an pastel collection. Let’s take a look! 


Here we have (from left to right —> ) Lagoon, Rhapsody, Pink Ribbon and Sunflower.  Swatched on no primer. 


You could buy the whole kit with the lip crayon and the 4 eyeshadows for £45.00  

Or the Lip Crayon for £12 

And the eyeshadows are £12 each 

New Goodies from Smashbox

My latest beauty story for Notion Magazine was credited by Smashbox, so got some new goodies in return, let's take a look! Cover Shot: Ablaze Eye Palette

Blendable  lip & cheek color in Fairfax Fuchisia

Legendary Liquid Metal Lip Colours in Space Case, Iced Out and Chrimson Chrome

Thank You!






The palette is warm colours in gold tones.

Top: Realaxed, Moccasin

Bottom: Siesta, Nirvana, Delirious, Torch, Throwback and Dark Horse.


This week I seem to be into green, could be cause I have a great job coming up for St. Patrick's day on Friday, and I need to come up with some good looks. Product used

Kryolan Supercolor in White

Kryolan Pure pigments

Kryolan clear gloss

First Picture is without gloss and the second is with.




Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolors

I got given a brunch of products from Revlon the other day. Lets taka a look at five of the ultra HD gel lipcolors, they have an intensely hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid. Available in 15 different colors. The colors are (in order)

700 HD Sand

740 HD Coral

705 HD Dawn

730 HD Tropical

750 HD Lava


These lipcolors feels so nice on the lips, they are so moisturising.

54cf5846-4958-4983-a9e8-072c7627ee43I'm not the biggest fan of 740 and 705, bit the other ones will deffinetly be used many time


They are not out in the UK yet, and I'm not sure how much they'll be or when they're available.


Here's a little sneak peak from a shoot the other day. Proper photos to come in a few weeks .

New Work x 5PreView

Sometimes it takes ages to get your photos, it can even takes months or years until you can publish it, which can be very frustrating. This is a series of photos I did hair and make up  for with Swedish brand 5PreView last spring.  


I don't know how many tubes of Paw Paw I go through in a year... I use it for everything, for lips, skin, hair and beauty finishing, cuticles and nails. I always start my prepping on models to put some Dr.PawPaw on their lips. But the main reason why I go through so many is probably cause I use it to stick glitter on. You could for an example get it from In Your Dreams Website for £6.99



Here's some new work to my portfolio. Photographer Simon Wisbey, who shoot the final of Scandinavias Next Top Model of the curvy Season. And model Charis Agbonlahor from Bridge Model Agency.