Tahitian Gold

My camera has broken!!! I'm sooo annoyed, I just took it to the repairers and it's really expensive to fix. Luckily my friend has lend me her camera until i fix a new one. I'm going to LA next month so I think I'm gonna have a look at cameras there, as someone said it's cheaper there. The annoying thing is that I was just getting used to my old one, and how it works. So the next few months are probably gonna be pictures as a result of me figuring the new cameras and settings out.  


The pearls are In Your Dreams Tahitia Gold Face Gems that I cut into individuals. 

Jade Way

As I've been away a lot recently, and worked a lot, there hasn't been any time for playing with make up as I normally do. So i feel so inspired and happy to be back. I've been on eBay a lot, ordering a lot of things to play with. 

Products Used  

Technakohl Liner in Jade Way from MAC

Supreme Liner in #0110 Smart Green from Lord and Berrry

Lipglass from MAC


Love Is Love is Love

Stockholm Pride, Brighton Pride, this weekend has been a proper pride weekend. Love is Love no matter what sex and color. Respect each other and keep fighting for the right for Love. I did this lip for london Pride earlier this summer, but my blog was down. 

I want to believe that Love will Always win! 

Here I've used    Crayons from LH Cosmetics  Lipglass from MAC

Here I've used  

Crayons from LH Cosmetics

Lipglass from MAC