L'Oréal Colour Trophy

One or two weeks ago I worked on Lans make up team for L'Oréal Colour Trophy. So I was thinking we could take a look at the two shows I worked on, let's start with Tony and Guy. That show was based on the four elements, Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. A few weeks before we worked on the back drop videos, and they are so beautiful, the whole show was very beautiful. IMG_4022IMG_4024The above is Fire. And take a moment and look at the dresses !

IMG_4025 IMG_4033.PNGIMG_4026Water! Super wet and shiny, I think this one was my favorite!



IMG_4021And Grand Finale!

All photos are from Lans Instagram

LFW A/W17 Han Wen

I'm gonna do a few posts about my favourite shows during Fashion Week. I know i should have done this just after it all finished, but I went on holliday and needed a break. But I like these looks too much to not post them.. Han Wen is one of my most favourite show of this season. It's inspired by Clockwork Orange as you can see with the bad ass attitude and the lashes under the eyes.

Key Artist Lan Nguyen 

All photos from Mark Kelly 

Hair Tony and Guy

All Make Up Sponsored by Kryolan