Pastels from Lord and Berry

It’s Lord and Berry’s 20th anniversary and they are clebrating with an pastel collection. Let’s take a look! 


Here we have (from left to right —> ) Lagoon, Rhapsody, Pink Ribbon and Sunflower.  Swatched on no primer. 


You could buy the whole kit with the lip crayon and the 4 eyeshadows for £45.00  

Or the Lip Crayon for £12 

And the eyeshadows are £12 each 

The Perfect Cosmetics Company

I was given some products from The Perfect Cosmetics Copany the other day. They are known for the eye creme My Perfect Eyes that erases wrinkles, lines, bags and darkness under the eyes. It's a temporary treatment, but it workes within half an hour and lasts for hours. I saw it been tested and I was impressed, lines and bags do disappear in minutes. I'm not gonna try this myself, as I don't have any lines and wrinkles, it's more for anti aging. In my package I also got collagen pills and a night creme, all anti aging. So this will be a perfect gift for someone with more mature skin.

I will keep the facial brush for cleansing for myself, I've wanted to try one of those for a while, to see if the hype about them are as good as they make it sound.


Screenface goodie bag

Screenface is a sister shop to Kryolans Shop, and they opened a new shop in Shorditch last week. I went to the opening with Lans Assistants for some mingle and drinks, a lovely evening. It's a lovely shop with great and helpful artists to help you with your purchases. In this new store they have brands like, Make Up Forever, MUD, Kryolan, Daniel Sanders, JT makeup, Vincent Longo and many more. I was given a nice goodie bag and was thinking we could have a little look inside.  



Velour Pressed Powder in Beige #3 from Vincent Longo. I'm really excited to try out this one as I've never used this brand before. I was given some testers for Lipsticks as well, so will probably just try them out at home to get a feel of the texture.


Blood from Kryolan, I don't use blood very often, but this is one of my favourite.


Illusion In Nappa from Kryolan, So nice highlighter, a new favourite!


Cleanser for beauty blenders and brushes. This little one is given in so many goody bags, I must have about 20 of this and never tried it for some reason, must give it a go.

Other lovely things I was given was M.U.I Magazine, a little mascara from Make Up Forever and a Brush.





Guru Make Up Emporium Goodie Bag

I got an amazing goodie from Guru Make Up Emporium at Lan's Masterclass last weekend. Let's take a look what's inside.A whole bunch of products from Eylure and I love their eyelashes so that's nice to have got some for my kit. I also got a brush, tweezers, glue, highlighter and lash applicator wich I will give a try, but don't think I will use the applicators very much.

From Make up forever I was given a pair of eyelashes and a mascara.





New In: NY Liquid Suede

I have two new colors from NYX Liquid Suede, in colors LSCL22, LSCL18 The colors dry matt and doesn't dry out your lips, it's waterproof and long lasting. The pigments are great and you get great coverage, so it's easy to use. They come in 24 different colors.

These colours might not be what I would wear on a normal day, but it's great to have in my kit for different skincolors and for my lip art.

Price £ 6.50


TRESemme Expert Selection

I have now tried TRESemme's new expert selection of hair products, it's meant to give a x2 volume and x2 smoothness that would stay until your next wash. It comes with a shampoo and conditioner as well, but I've finished them already. You're meant to used the shampoo reveresed, so the conditioner first and the shampoo after. That way is meant to also give more volume. I have the finest hair in the world, it's so straight and has no volume what so ever, so I thought to give this a go.

So after a few weeks now it's time to give it a review. I'm not very impressed. The shampoo is a nice shampoo, but i would not say it gave me any more volume. The volume maximiser smoothes out the hair and get rid of frizz, is a product i don't really need as my hair is very smooth. The mousse is like a standard cheap mosse, it doesn't really do anything.

So thumbs down for this hair range from TRESemme