Kiehl's Midnight Recovery

I've tried The Midnight Recovery Serum from Kiehl's now, and I really really like it. The difference with a moisturiser and a serum is that a moisturiser moisture your skin from the top, while a serum moisture your skin from within.This serum has slighter sent of lavender, witch is great before you go to sleep. Every night I've used this I feel how nice and fresh my skin looks the next morning. I how my skin is more radiant and younger looking.

50 ml is £50.00


L'Oréal Colour Trophy

One or two weeks ago I worked on Lans make up team for L'Oréal Colour Trophy. So I was thinking we could take a look at the two shows I worked on, let's start with Tony and Guy. That show was based on the four elements, Wind, Earth, Water and Fire. A few weeks before we worked on the back drop videos, and they are so beautiful, the whole show was very beautiful. IMG_4022IMG_4024The above is Fire. And take a moment and look at the dresses !

IMG_4025 IMG_4033.PNGIMG_4026Water! Super wet and shiny, I think this one was my favorite!



IMG_4021And Grand Finale!

All photos are from Lans Instagram

Label M Dry Shampoo

I LOVE dry schampoo, I'm addicted to it! I have the softest hair, so when my hair is clean it's like silk and I can't do anything with it. So to get some texture in the hair I use dry shampoo, I also use texture spray every now and then, but sometimes I think it's to heavy. So I pretty much use dry shampoo every day, when it's clean - to get texture, and when it's dirty I use it do clean it. TThis one from Label M is one of my favorite.


In Your Dreams at Selfridges!

In Your Dreams have a pop up store in Selfridges now until the 18th of June, it's the only place where you can get the new collection from. You can also book in to get a bespoked festival look, perfect for summer parties, hen do or just to learn how to make the festival look yourself. Here you can book in for a workshop! 

I will show you some of the new products from In Your Dreams in a few days!



The Perfect Red

The perfect red lipstick can be hard to find. And I've now found exactly the right tone and texture i would want! Woohoo! I wish. Cause it's not a lipstick. It's petals from a flower I found in a bush outside my flat... IMG_4014


Off to Sweden

I'm now in Sweden for two weeks, for work. I got a job for Dreamhack, wich is the biggest Computer Game Convention, there's a worldcup in different games. I'm not gonna be able to explain it very well, cause I don't really understand  myself haha. Everything is televised and there will be a couple to comment the game, analysts and teams that need make up. This is a very fun part of the job, you have never ever any idea of what jobs you're gonna get. Haha


Westlab Muscle Spray

Working in make up I bend over so much and always looking down while working, my neck and shoulders hurt very often. I get very stiff and tense in shoulders and neck area, so I bought this spray the other day. It's a muscle spray you spray on local area and it helps the muscles to relax. I think it's more meant for sport muscle recovery, as that pain can be for a shorter period. I don't think this will help me in the long run, more just for the day, in the long run I think I need to work out and stretch more, or have a deep tissue massage every now and then. But thought it was worth a try, it feels cool and gives a bit of a mint feeling. Ingredients: qua, Ethyl Alcohol, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Decyl Glucoside, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil, Mentha Viridis (Spearmint), Limonene

The spray is About £11


Mavla Double Lash

I'm really excited to try this lash serum from Mavla. It will make your lashes and eyebrows longer, stronger and fuller. You brush it on like a mascara and eyebrow gel, every night. It's based on natural extract and rich in vitamins and proteins that will strengthen the hair and help refain their loss. So the hair will grow as usual but the old hairs will not fall, and that will make them more and fuller. I will now try it for a month and come back with a review.

The Serum is about £11


I need a holiday

Here's a lip based on my current mood "I NEED A SUNNY HOLIDAY!" All I want is to be on a beach or by a pool, not too warm but still warm and nice water, and amazing colourful cocktails. Dream on, dream on... Product used 

Make Up Forever Pigment

3ina Cream Eyeshadow in 303

Kryolan Pigment in Blue

Mac Lipglass




I've tried out the super hyped eyebrow product Wonderbrow. It's meant to be Smudge proof, transfer proof and waterproof,  they say you'll be able to keep it on for 3 days. I don't like to sleep with make up and always take my make up off with oils so will take it off at the end off the day, but let's see if it will stay on all day. UPDATE: I've now had it on for a whole day, and I can promise you that it is all it promise, nothing moves and it looks exactly like it did this morning and it doesn't come off with water so you could shower or swim with it, and if you want to take it off just use an oiled based remover.

The pencil is for more definition, but doesn't stay on as well.

Wonderbrows products are £19.95 and I'm using the color Brunette.




It looks really natural right? Think it will be hard to do Instagram Brows with this product, but it's great for natural looking brows and easy to use.


Dark Star

Product Used MAC Face and Body in White and C2

Countour Palette from Smashbox

Dermacolor concealer palette

Shimmering Vision Palette from Kryolan

MAC Blacktrack

Better than mascara from MDMflow

Neutral palette from Kryolan

Supracolor in Silver from Kryolan

NYX Pigment in 08







MDMflow Liquid Lipstick

I've now tried all the nine shades from MDMflow's liquid lipsticks. They are very light on the lips and stays on for hours, transfer proof and kiss proof. Full covarege, but when it comes off a bit it's hard to save it as it can get patchy, so it's better to take it off and start again. They are £18.00 each.

Here are the colors from left New Nude, Retro, Mink, Panther, Power, Billionare, Empire State, Supreme and Ninetyfour.



New In: 3ina

Did a shoot credited by 3ina (pronounced Minah) the last week, so was given some new sweet products by the brand, So let's have a look inside. A blue soft Kajal that i made a cute glossy eye with. £8.95

A Pink Mascara I used for a sweet girly eye look  £8.95

A Pink Lipgloss in color 101 £7.95

Green Eyeliner in color 509 £7.95

Lipstick in color 511 £6.95

And a Creme Eyeshadow in 316 £8.95



Sound City

Me and my boyfriend just got back from Liverpool. We went to Sound City Festival to see John Cale and The Kills, and it was amazing! There were not that much people at the festival, so it gave a bit of a weird feeling, but we had really fun though. Now I'm a bit tired, but excited to be back working. Here used

Supracolor in White from Kryolan

Pigments from Bella Pierre


New products in from Bourjois

I was given some products from Bourjois from Lan the other day, so thought we would have a look. Healthy mic anti fatigue concealer with vitamin mix in coulor 51 Light. The concealer is very easy to work with, very matt and contains E, C and B5 to boost the skin during the day.

Countour Clubing Waterproof pencil in 48 Atomic Black, is very smooth and black with silver glitter in .

Eyebrow Pencil in 07 Noisette, very hard pencil that makes your brows more natural as you get a light color.

Eyeshadow and Liner in Color 02 Brun Dadaists and 04 Rose Fauviste. It's waterproof, smudge proof and transfer proof.



Summer Kissed

Product Used Kryolan Ultra Fluid Foundation in Alabaster

Bourjois Helathu is Concealer in 51 Light

Wonderbrow in Brunette

Countor Palette from Smashbox

Bourjois Crayon in 02 brun

Bourjois 48 Atomic Black

MDMflow mascara

Vincent Longo Sheer Migment lipstick in Debue