A/W18 Joshua Kane

My favorite show to work at during fashion week is always Joshua Kane's show. He opended it up for the public for as little as £10 per ticket at the Palladium. This years theme was japanese inpired with samurai swords dancing ballet dancers as the opening act, followed by a runway show with 75 models we had to do the make up for.  

I worked on the men for the show.  


Key artist Lan Nguyen  


These pictures are from British Vogue's website. 


Joshua Kane Himself


Sinclair is one of my favorite models to work with, he's always so happy and so good looking. The look for the men was clean skin and darkend eyes to make them look a bit more badass.


Kryolan X Fashionscout

I'm so Happy Kryolan Sponsor Fashionscout at fashion week. It makes our job so much easier to have a good brand behind us.  


Kryolan is normally known for theatre and tv make up, so it's really fun that they are focusing more on fashion and trying to make the brand cooler. They have EVERYTHING in ANY color, so whatever you need you could get from Kryolan.  


Hallie Sara A/W18

One of my favorite shows this season was Hallie Sara. A very clean make up with glowy skin, a copper shiny eyeshadow and a thin eyeliner, very minimalistic and beautiful. The hair was kept slick in a pony tale with a sharp side parting.  


The vibe was very Celine.


All products used are from Kryolan


These pictures from the runway are from British Vogues website.


LFW A/W17 David Ferreira

David Ferreira's show was on the last day, so challenging and so good to do. I feel like I have grown extremely as a make up artist after this season. I'm happy to be back from holliday and start using my new techniques and practise more. Key Artist: Lan Nguyen

Hair: Toni&Guy

Make Up Sponsor: Kryolan

IMG_8675.JPG Photo: Andrea Galassi


Photos: Bojivar Chkorev

LFW A/W 17 Cimone

It's funny how the most challenging things you do in live are the most memorable ones, cause from these situations you learn the most. This show was so much fun to do. Hard. But rewarding as it looked great. Hard cause both hair and make up was hard to do, so we had to work together. Also cause some of the models was meant to wear contact lenses, and a few of them had never tried it before, but we got there!

Key Make Up Artist Lan Nguyen 

Hair Aveda

Photos Bojidar Chkorev


LFW A/W 17 Joshua Kane

My favourite show during fashion week was Joshua Kane at the Palloduim. He had made the scene look like a train station and had his collection in four stages beginning with train workers back in the days and then different stages to more privileged people in this era, so we had four different looks to do.The show had a lot of publicity as it was open for the public and you could get tickets for only £10.00. At the beginning and the end of the show there were two ballet dancers on stage dancing to the live music, and it was sooo beautiful, you have to watch the show here.

As the show was a bit different, they had to practice the walk for ages, wich meant  we only got an hour to do 36 models(!) BUT WE MADE IT! And I don't think I've ever worked so fast.

Key Make up artist Lan Nguyen


LFW A/W17 Han Wen

I'm gonna do a few posts about my favourite shows during Fashion Week. I know i should have done this just after it all finished, but I went on holliday and needed a break. But I like these looks too much to not post them.. Han Wen is one of my most favourite show of this season. It's inspired by Clockwork Orange as you can see with the bad ass attitude and the lashes under the eyes.

Key Artist Lan Nguyen 

All photos from Mark Kelly 

Hair Tony and Guy

All Make Up Sponsored by Kryolan



London Fashion Week started on Friday, so I'm insanely busy and don't have any time to do any looks or so for the blog. And on Wednesday me and my boyfreind are going to TOKYO!!!!! So I've scheduled a few posts and when it's all over I will tell you about it. See you later!