Softly Powdered

I have a thing about playing with powders at the moment. Haven’t worked very much with powdered textures lately, especially not in macro. And I have the uv palette from Kryolan which is very very good for those kinds of things. 

All products here are from Kryolan , just crime liners and the uv palette.


Fire Lips

I’m so behind on everything at the moment, it’s just small stuff that needs to be done, but a lot of them. But I’m stuck in Poland, with bad internet connection and bad vegetarian food. I planned to get a lot of stuff done here, but I’m more busy with work than I thought, on average around 14 hour days... 


This is the tropical stack of glitters from In Your Dreams

Tahitian Gold

My camera has broken!!! I'm sooo annoyed, I just took it to the repairers and it's really expensive to fix. Luckily my friend has lend me her camera until i fix a new one. I'm going to LA next month so I think I'm gonna have a look at cameras there, as someone said it's cheaper there. The annoying thing is that I was just getting used to my old one, and how it works. So the next few months are probably gonna be pictures as a result of me figuring the new cameras and settings out.  


The pearls are In Your Dreams Tahitia Gold Face Gems that I cut into individuals. 

Biodegradable glitter

As I've mentioned a few times, In Your Dreams have finally come out with their Biodegradable glitter in a stack of three colours. I keep on talking about it as I'm so happy that it's finally here!! I see I bright future where all glitters will be Biodegradable, but so far they can only do one size and just a few colours.


One stack is £7  

Vampy red

I have recently lost engagement in likes on Instagram, and I wonder why? I get more and more followers, but less likes. I'm thinking it could be cause people are following more and more people these days, a lot of people are on holliday and not on Instagram at the moment? Do you guys have any ideas?  Or suggestions on how to change it?  


Jade Way

As I've been away a lot recently, and worked a lot, there hasn't been any time for playing with make up as I normally do. So i feel so inspired and happy to be back. I've been on eBay a lot, ordering a lot of things to play with. 

Products Used  

Technakohl Liner in Jade Way from MAC

Supreme Liner in #0110 Smart Green from Lord and Berrry

Lipglass from MAC


Love Is Love is Love

Stockholm Pride, Brighton Pride, this weekend has been a proper pride weekend. Love is Love no matter what sex and color. Respect each other and keep fighting for the right for Love. I did this lip for london Pride earlier this summer, but my blog was down. 

I want to believe that Love will Always win! 

Here I've used    Crayons from LH Cosmetics  Lipglass from MAC

Here I've used  

Crayons from LH Cosmetics

Lipglass from MAC

Tropical Party

I know I've been a lousy blogger this summer, moving website made things a bit complicated for me. But now it's all up and running so I'm back in the game!  

I've also been working sooo hard this summer, haven't had any time off. But now I'm back in London and feel very inspired to do more looks and write more.  


For this look I've used

Dark dark blue lipstick (don't know shade or brand)

Lipglass from MAC

Tropical Glitter from In Your Dreams


Gold BIO Glitter

Here's the gold version of In Your Dreams BIO glitter stack. "Normal" glitter is made by micro plastics or just plastics that doesn't break down for many many years. That means that a lot of animals and insects eats it, wich is horrible. So this new way to be able to make Bio Glitter will be able to break down much faster.

I think and hope that all glitter HAVE to be bio glitter in the future!


Bio Glitter

This glitter is from In Your Dreams bio range. As you can see, it's as shiny and bright as all the glitter, but it's not as bad for the planet. WIN WIN! Hopefully all glitters will be BIO glitter in the future. Used

NYX Suede Lipgloss in Foul Mouth, Oh Put It On, Subversive

Lipglass from MAC

Glitter from In Your Dreams