Lavender Crazy Color

I tried out Crazy Colour's Lavender, let's have a look!

You can get the colours from their own website for £4 each, or you can buy them for about £2.5 at Pak's. 


The lavender was so much more purple than I thought at first and I got a bit scared, but I kept it in to see how it turned out. 


And it turned out so much nicer than I thought. Very cool and light purple. It washes out even nicer and now I just use a little bit in my conditioner for a lighter version. 


TRESemme Expert Selection

I have now tried TRESemme's new expert selection of hair products, it's meant to give a x2 volume and x2 smoothness that would stay until your next wash. It comes with a shampoo and conditioner as well, but I've finished them already. You're meant to used the shampoo reveresed, so the conditioner first and the shampoo after. That way is meant to also give more volume. I have the finest hair in the world, it's so straight and has no volume what so ever, so I thought to give this a go.

So after a few weeks now it's time to give it a review. I'm not very impressed. The shampoo is a nice shampoo, but i would not say it gave me any more volume. The volume maximiser smoothes out the hair and get rid of frizz, is a product i don't really need as my hair is very smooth. The mousse is like a standard cheap mosse, it doesn't really do anything.

So thumbs down for this hair range from TRESemme