Softly Powdered

I have a thing about playing with powders at the moment. Haven’t worked very much with powdered textures lately, especially not in macro. And I have the uv palette from Kryolan which is very very good for those kinds of things. 

All products here are from Kryolan , just crime liners and the uv palette.


Fire Lips

I’m so behind on everything at the moment, it’s just small stuff that needs to be done, but a lot of them. But I’m stuck in Poland, with bad internet connection and bad vegetarian food. I planned to get a lot of stuff done here, but I’m more busy with work than I thought, on average around 14 hour days... 


This is the tropical stack of glitters from In Your Dreams

Vampy red

I have recently lost engagement in likes on Instagram, and I wonder why? I get more and more followers, but less likes. I'm thinking it could be cause people are following more and more people these days, a lot of people are on holliday and not on Instagram at the moment? Do you guys have any ideas?  Or suggestions on how to change it?  


Jade Way

As I've been away a lot recently, and worked a lot, there hasn't been any time for playing with make up as I normally do. So i feel so inspired and happy to be back. I've been on eBay a lot, ordering a lot of things to play with. 

Products Used  

Technakohl Liner in Jade Way from MAC

Supreme Liner in #0110 Smart Green from Lord and Berrry

Lipglass from MAC


Love Is Love is Love

Stockholm Pride, Brighton Pride, this weekend has been a proper pride weekend. Love is Love no matter what sex and color. Respect each other and keep fighting for the right for Love. I did this lip for london Pride earlier this summer, but my blog was down. 

I want to believe that Love will Always win! 

Here I've used    Crayons from LH Cosmetics  Lipglass from MAC

Here I've used  

Crayons from LH Cosmetics

Lipglass from MAC

Tropical Party

I know I've been a lousy blogger this summer, moving website made things a bit complicated for me. But now it's all up and running so I'm back in the game!  

I've also been working sooo hard this summer, haven't had any time off. But now I'm back in London and feel very inspired to do more looks and write more.  


For this look I've used

Dark dark blue lipstick (don't know shade or brand)

Lipglass from MAC

Tropical Glitter from In Your Dreams


Perfume Recomendations

I love perfumes, but at the moment I just walk around smelling on the same ones all the time. It's become a routine, when I'm in a perfume hall I always smell the ones I already have instead of finding new ones. I really don't understand why I do that. Haha I need inspiration of new perfumes. The one I have on a every day basis at the moment is Flowerbomb from Victor and Rolf, and I really like it, but feel like I want to grow up a bit and find a more mature sent. Any suggestions?


Glossy Gloss

Product Used MAC Blacktrack

MAC Lipglass

Kryolan Dermacolor Concealer on eyebrows

Glossy eyes seems to be a trend now, and I love it. I never wear it myself, but love it on photos. It can be hard to wear as a normal look as it easaly creases, but MAC has come out with a few eyegloss that's meant to stay on for a whole day. I'm really curious about those, but need to get my MAC discount sorted first ;) So in the meantime I'll just go for gloss on top of shadows.



Technology... grrh

Aaaagrh I get sooo frustrated on technology, I honestly hate it so much! I don't understand how something can just stop working. So, first my website is suspended for some weird reason, I've paid everything correctly. I've contacted the people/robots on the support team  and they says they're working on it, but nothing happens... And second, my cable from my camera to my Ipad has broken, just like that it just stopped working.. Soo frustrating !I don't have time, energy or the will to fix things like this...

Here's a look I did the other day, as it's taken so long for me to get the photos I can't remember the products, more than the eyes are basically just 3ina products.



Classics to arty

A red lip can be so much. I always wear lipsticks as I have very pale lips naturally, and very often red. A red lip can be cute, old fashion, trendy, sexy, and arty. Here I've done a classic red ombré lip, but on a red smudge around the lip, wich makes it look very vampy. So depending on the rest of the make up, outfit and lighting the finished look can vary so much. All Products are from MAC


Off To The Hairdresser

So it's finally time for me to color my hair again. Sometimes it's very hard for me to plan as a lot of my jobs comes in very last minute. But here I am, ready to leave to go to Radio to meet Louise who's gonna color my hair, and I'm so excited. This is my everyday look, when I have to get up early, I always do brows, blush and something on my lips.

Products used here are 

Shu Uemura lightbulb foundation in 584

Illamasqua gel colour in Charm as a blush and on eyes

Smashbox highlighting wand in Pearl

Body Shop Brow and Liner kit in 03

Revlon Lipbalm in 740 HD Coral

Smashbox Countor Palette