I've tried out the super hyped eyebrow product Wonderbrow. It's meant to be Smudge proof, transfer proof and waterproof,  they say you'll be able to keep it on for 3 days. I don't like to sleep with make up and always take my make up off with oils so will take it off at the end off the day, but let's see if it will stay on all day. UPDATE: I've now had it on for a whole day, and I can promise you that it is all it promise, nothing moves and it looks exactly like it did this morning and it doesn't come off with water so you could shower or swim with it, and if you want to take it off just use an oiled based remover.

The pencil is for more definition, but doesn't stay on as well.

Wonderbrows products are £19.95 and I'm using the color Brunette.




It looks really natural right? Think it will be hard to do Instagram Brows with this product, but it's great for natural looking brows and easy to use.