Tokyo Shopping: Eyelashes

Let's continue my Tokyo Shopping with eyelashes! As lashes are cheaper in Asia, I was in lash heaven. When I was in the shops I thought I bought sooo many, but now when I'm back home I wish I had bought more. I have so many at home so it's not like I'm gonna struggle cause I didn't got more. It was a bit hard to shop in Tokyo, cause there was so much I wanted, so I couldn't decide. But anyway, let's have a look!


The First Pair is a Sailor Moon Collection that i just HAD to buy as I really liked Sailor Moon as a kid, and i was in Sailor Moons birth country. They're so cute in the packaging so I'm not sure I will ever take them out!


Daimond Lash is a brand I've heard a lot about, so had to give it a go.


Got myself three packs of RiPi's eyelashes, these packs are only about £6 but look really pretty so think these will be my new favourites, these are the ones I wish I bought more of.


I found these two packs in a cheaper shop, but think they look like good quality.